Research equipment

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The department is fully equipped with research tools dedicated to the following:

  • Microscope work of varying levels, preparing bio-preparations, producing quality microimages
  • Identifying and determining airborne pollen and spores
  • Cultivating plants in vitro, maintaining consistent climate conditions
  • Conducting research on wild and domestic animals
  • Genetic research
  • Biotesting and comprehensively evaluating results produced
  • Taking soil samples from different depths
  • Determining various agrochemical conditions in soil
  • Researching swamp and lake development, Kern analysis
  • Producing topographical images of land plots
  • Determining meteorological conditions, assessing microclimate conditions
  • Modelling environmental conditions and ecological processes
  • Planning territories, drawing up various types of plans
  • Producing cartographic information for territories and describing locations
  • Drawing various types of maps and creating databases
  • Creating plant herbariums
  • Assessing the condition of plants