Genetic associations with allergic sensitization

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Allergic rhinitis become more frequent disease all over the world. The sensitivity to specific allergen can be determined by environmental and human genetic factors. The analysis of Lithuanian population sensitization to airborne allergens showed that usually individuals are susceptible to several types of allergens. The result indicates that the etiology of allergic rhinitis is multifactorial and could be specific. GWAS replication study allow to identified 13 known genetic variants associated with allergic sensitization/allergic rhinitis in relatively small cohort of Lithuanians. We found 3SNPs in patients sensitive to multiple allergens, and 10 SNPs in patients sensitive to a certain allergen.

Šaulienė, I., Greičiuvienė, J., Šukienė, L., Juškevičiūtė, N., Benner, C., Zinkevičienė, A., Ripatti, S., Donner, K., Kainov, D. (2015). Genetic Loci Associated with Allergic Sensitization in Lithuanians. PloS one, 10(7), e0134188.