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Eglė on ecology studies at Šiauliai University

What would I study if I were allowed to make that choice over again? No doubt about it – ecology at the Šiauliai University Faculty of Natural Science. I will always remember the years I spent here as some of the best times in my life. I could go on about all the advantages the course has to offer: a theoretical education of high quality, modern laboratories, great learning facilities, a good library… But I have no doubt about the fact that the best part of these studies is the great personnel at the Department of Environmental Research, their respectful attitude towards their students as colleagues, partners and like-minded individuals. This academic staff will help you with everything they can: theoretical knowledge, experience, skills, practical advice or simply with a good word. I will always respect these people and appreciate their sincerity, understanding, care, attentiveness and support. The knowledge and education I gained here enabled me to find a good job.

If you want your university studies to provide quality knowledge, various possibilities for you to find work close to your heart, rather than just making you spend countless draining days in front of your textbooks, you should choose to study in the Department of Environmental Research at the Faculty of Natural Science. The enthusiasm of the staff will quickly spin you into an academic whirlwind and before you know it, you’ll be sad to leave everything behind.

Eglė Bružienė, Deputy Director of the Environmental Department at Šiauliai City Municipality


Veronika on ecology studies at Šiauliai University

When choosing the university you intend to study at, I would advise considering the possibility of studying ecology at the Šiauliai University Faculty of Natural Science. The academic staff at the Department of Environmental Research is competent, friendly and always ready to help or advise their students when they encounter difficulties. With an education from this department, a wide range of employment opportunities will be open to you.
After I graduated from the ecology and environmental research study programme, I found a job I love at the Environmental Protection Department of Šiauliai Region.
The exchange programmes offered by the Department of Environmental Research taught me a lot about the culture of our neighbouring country Latvia and I had the opportunity of spending six months studying abroad in Poland.
An education from the Department of Environmental Research at the Šiauliai University Faculty of Natural Science provides a solid foundation from which to begin looking for employment and expands your knowledge of natural science and other areas. The years I spent studying in this department have left me with many indelible impressions and memories.

Veronika Pristalenko, Senior Specialist at the Environmental Protection Department of Šiauliai Region


Laura on biology studies at Šiauliai University

I finished my bachelor’s studies at the Department of Environmental Research at the Šiauliai University Faculty of Technology and Natural Science. This educational institution was a great place for me to develop academically and personally. Over the course of four years, I got to know my professional teachers, whose friendly communication with the students instilled a sense of love for all things natural and the idea that good results can only be achieved through hard work. We could always ask for the support of our teachers, all of our initiatives were gladly welcomed and encouraged. The university also provided me with the opportunity of participating in as many as two international exchanges (university and internship exchanges). Through these two programmes I developed my professional know-how and cultural experience.

During my free time at university, I got involved with various non-academic activities and met many interesting people, I became comfortable with public speaking and experienced many fun moments that I shall keep with me for a long time to come. From our freshman initiation rites to the graduation ceremony, I was happy and proud to be a student at Šiauliai University because these were the most fun-filled years of my life.

Laura Kuginytė, Kurtuvėnai Regional Park Centre


Viktorija about ecology studies

When studying Applied Ecology, we cooperated directly with environmental monitoring and protection specialists from various areas. This allowed us to become familiar with the nature of their work, the issues they had to deal with and to direct our own studies by choosing to write a bachelor’s thesis on a subject we were interested in. After graduation, the relevance of the subject matter of your final thesis can become a great advantage in finding work, as it was in my case.

Viktorija Kazlauskienė, Director of the Šiauliai Meteorology Station