The 8th Advanced Aerobiology Course


It is a great pleasure for us in Šiauliai to be hosting the 8th Advanced Aerobiology Course from the 16th to 22nd August 2015. But it is also a challenge: the standards have been set very high by the preceding courses on both basic and advanced aerobiology!

This year’s theme, “From phenology to sophisticated forecasting“, calls on us to look back at some of the problems (phenology, vegetation, data analysis and quality, etc.,) and, more importantly, force us to shed new light on issues to do the credible aerobiology. We will focus on applying the up-to-date associated data (mycological, phenological, botanical) in aerobiology and on developing the advanced modelling skills using climate/meteo or land use databases. Course participants will work on the real data provided by the course teachers or will be given a chance to use their own (important to themselves) data. The course will combine a variety of lectures and practical sessions (including field work in nature) with the aim to explore and analyze aerobiological data from the different point of view. One day (in the middle of the course) will be designed for participants to explore Lithuania.

Despite being in North Lithuania, Šiauliai is called the City of Sun because of some historical circumstances. The Šiauliai name was first mentioned in Livonian Order chronicles as the famous battle of Sun (Saule lit.) took place near Šiauliai on 23 September 1236.

Šiauliai is one of the major cultural centres in Lithuania.  Professional art companies and single performers make the town famous. Both residents of Šiauliai and visiting guests may sweep into the vortex of the intensive cultural life, which is full of original events. The Šiauliai boulevard is one of the oldest and longest boulevards in Europe. While walking the Šiauliai boulevard people see the little architecture objects like marvellous fountains and interesting sculptures. Šiauliai homes number of museums like the Museum of Bicycles, Photography, Radio and etc. A very famous sightseeing place is the Hill of Crosses where not only the unique hill is worth attention but also the monastery of Brothers Franciscans – a cosy spiritual home established near the Hill of Crosses.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Šiauliai for the 8th Advanced Aerobiology Course!

On behalf of the Local Organising Committee,

Ingrida Šaulienė